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TTT program

A continuous learning program where we offer you a flexible means to upskill yourself and headstart your professional journey.

Lead-the-market Remuneration

We offer industry-leading remuneration with a dynamic work culture to enhance our employee performance and retention rate.

Global Exposure

With Mazenet, you can join the platform where you gain the opportunity to train and engage with global clients. This equips you with endless opportunities.

Paid Bench Period

We pay you for spending time on the bench. During this period, you can develop your skill set and become more productive and resourceful. By this, we establish our internal capability.

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    We screen your profile to understand your qualifications and determine if you are the right fit for the role. After the subsequent interviews, the perfect candidate will be selected.

  • Recruitment & Training

    After selection, you will undergo onboarding, orientation, and training process where you get exposed to the role clarity and the organization's culture

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    Once you understand the requirements and are ready to meet our demanded expertise, your promising path in training global clients begins!