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Mazenet is a multi-service organization incepted in the year 2001 delivering services in Workforce Development, Product Development, Engineering, System Integration and Automation, and Signalling and Telecommunication Projects. We are headquartered in Chennai, and also have offices in Coimbatore and Vizag. We are uniquely stationed to provide indigenous solutions that are a symbiotic product of our Engineering and Technology services. We aim to provide a smooth and measurable transformation for businesses who are looking to upgrade their technical amenities.

Mazenet Mazenet’s Growth

Mazenet, which initially started as a workforce developer in 2001, has come a long way and developed expertise across different verticals like System Integration & Automation, Project Execution, and Engineering.

What originally started as a training organization to bridge the gap between IT job requirements and the existing talent pool gradually diversified its services and started training corporate employees, providing IT workforce on a contract and conducting certification Exams. Today, we are partners with global brands like Microsoft, Google Cloud, AWS, and many others.

The huge success in our IT training paved the way to start our own software development team. Our in-house creation, MazeChit, a Chit fund ERP has continuously performed as the market leader since its inception. Now we have a fully functional development team that functions independently serving clients in the Middle East, Europe, and Africa.

With IT as our Vantage point, we entered the Engineering industry. We make smarter project deliveries compared to our peers since we channel the Synergy between our IT accomplishments and Engineering solutions. For these many years, we have worked on various government projects some of which are Railway Signalling Solutions and the Shipbuilding project.

After 21 years, we have now become a well-rounded systems integrator. We provide IT software and hardware solutions to our clients and also set up systems that would establish communications between the existing software/hardware infrastructures of our clients.

We currently have a workforce of 150 employees operating in different sectors. We aim to grow nationally and internationally providing services that would set new benchmarks in service quality

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