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Find project-fit resources for all IT technologies with our staffing solutions. 5000 new profiles added to our pre-vetted resource pool every month.

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permanent staffing

Permanent Staffing

Hire any number of project-fit IT talents - one or one thousand; from any part of the globe for long-term roles and boost up productivity. We have from a pre-vetted pool of 4.5 lakh+ profiles that helps you fill open positions in as less as 7 days.

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contract staffing

Contract Staffing

Immediately hire Day 1 billable resources on an “on-demand” basis for your short-term project requirement for all IT skills and job roles. Our vast pool of profiles and extensive network coupled with AI driven hiring tools speeds up the process.

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source hire train and deploy

Source Hire Train And Deploy

We hire resources, train them for your project-specific requirements & deploy them to meet your short-term and immediate resource demands. Deployed resources can be extended or transitioned based on project continuity.

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train and hire

Train And Hire

Mitigate the difficulties of mass hiring and sourcing talents for in-demand skills. We identify groomable resources & our team of 1000+ SMEs train them on desired skills. You can hire them as a Day 1 billable resource.

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The Essence of Our Excellence
23+ years of Experience
3:1 Conversion Ratio
7 Days
On Avg To Fill Roles
4.5+ lakh
Pre-vetted Resource Pool
AI Driven Hiring Process
Strong presence in Middle East & APAC

Let us handle staffing while you focus on what you do best – driving excellence in your industry.

Skill shortages due to the rapidly changing technological advancements is one of the primary challenges faced in the staffing industry. Our team of hiring executives and SMEs source and train candidates on all technologies from classic to futuristic ones. When you face a high volume of talent acquisition demands, our strong network with reputed institutions and the massive 4.5 lakh+ candidate profile pool can help you fill thousands of roles at the fastest possible times.

Our hiring process is driven with AI powered tools to screen thousands of candidate profiles in the initial phases of recruitment process which further speeds up resource discovery. Our SMEs shortlist candidates through intensive skill tests to avoid wrong hires.

Thus, we help you hire best-fit talents even for super niche technologies within razor-sharp timeframes. Our services transcend beyond geographical borders with geo-stationed resources and make talent acquisition hassle-free for you!

Multitude Of Industries We Staff For

With more than two decades of experience, we have the capability to discover, train and onboard Information Technology resources for all industry verticals. Our staffing portfolio encompasses the following industries predominantly -

  • Automotive


  • Telecommunications


  • Fintech


  • Aerospace


permanent staffing

Hire long-term employees, expand your teams faster and meet your project goals.

  • 4.5 lakh+ resource pool with 5000+ profiles added month-on-month to assess from.
  • 40% reduced profile shortlisting time with our AI Screening tool which screens 15000 candidates at once.
  • Source for all technologies - classic, niche, and super niche.
  • 1000+ SMEs to evaluate candidates’ tech skills and to ensure perfect fitment of the candidates.
Start Hiring

Hire Day - 1 billable resources for your short term projects and seasonal demands on an “as-required” basis.

  • Impressive conversion ratio of 3:1
  • 370+ technical consultants currently deployed across all job roles.
  • Resource discovery in 8 hours & average onboarding time including BGV of just 7 days
  • Rich experience in the workforce development industry combined with a strong alumni network to swiftly discover top-tier consultants.
  • Seamless onboarding of resources without the hassles of payroll and Back Ground Verification.
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contract staffing
source hire train and deploy

Outsource your recruitment and training to us and witness transition to a more dynamic team. We simplify your hiring process with AI tools and train the selects for project deployment.

  • Customized Question Banks set by Subject Matter Experts to identify the right candidates for your unique requirement.
  • AI driven Hiring and Training approach which saves almost 50% of your time.
  • Industry expert trainers to train the hand-picked candidates to match project requirements.
  • 120+ number of trained resources (lateral and freshers) currently deployed with 6 clients on diverse IT projects across 7+ industries like finance, automotive, and healthcare.
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Invest your valuable time on the business while we hire right fit profiles from the market and skill them to become Day 1 billable resources.

  • Minimal chances to onboard the wrong hire.
  • 250+ institutes connect and a strong network in the industry to quicken the hiring of suitable candidates.
  • Adoptive LMS driven training and assessment for candidates.
  • Post training interview to onboard only the right candidate into the project.
  • 97% of onboarding ratio.
  • 2000+ onboardings in the period 2021-2023 which includes 48% of lateral hires.
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train and hire

We're not just hiring
We're solving!

Overcome all the challenges in the staffing processes with our world-class staffing solutions that help you discover top global talent, train them for your requirements, and get onboarded in less than a week!

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Our Case Studies
Mazenet Milestone Moments

Mazenet Milestone Moments


A leading MNC wanted to onboard 7 SAP Logistics and SAP Ariba Spend Analysis consultants. They wanted each resource to have over 8 years

Mazenet Nailed Google Ads Recruitment

Google Ads Recruitment


A leading Fortune 500 IT multinational corporation entrusted us with a formidable task: recruiting 25 Google Ads Process Executives

Big Data Technology

Big Data Technology


A leading Fortune 500 IT MNC was on the lookout for readily deployable resources in Big data technology. Since it was a niche market, the company

Hear It Straight From Them
Transform Your Business As Our Clients Did
"We chose to hire one NodeJS Developer and one Flutter Developer for our organization through Mazenet as we faced several challenges finding the right candidate. Within just two days, Mazenet efficiently shared 10 top quality profiles that perfectly matched our requirements in just 4 hours. From that, we found the right candidate through their intensive recruitment process and closed the open role in just 5 days. Highly impressed with Mazenet’s work"


- [designation], Siddhan Intelligence
"We reached out to Mazent with an urgent requirement for TDM, a niche skill for which finding the right candidate is challenging. But to our surprise, within just 3 days, they identified a highly qualified Indian candidate residing in the UK and promptly shared their profile with us. They even pitched in the onboarding process and the candidate was deployed into the project. Remarkable performance by Mazenet"


- [designation], Cognizant
"We had an excellent experience working with Mazenet. We needed a Senior Data Scientist and Python Fullstack developer for our team. Within 2 days, Mazenet provided us with accurate and high-quality profiles. The interview process was smooth and efficient, taking only a week to complete. Impressed with Mazenet's super fast hiring process."


- [designation], Tvarit