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25 Google Ads Executives in 7 Days:
A Shining Feather in Our Cap

A leading Fortune 500 IT multinational corporation entrusted us with a formidable task: recruiting 25 Google Ads Process Executives with impeccable communication skills within a razor-sharp 7-day timeframe in our Train and Hire Model. Sourcing candidates with zero Mother Tongue Influence is a rare find in the regions specified by the client, further complicating the recruitment process due to the stringent deadline.

Sourcing The Perfect Fits

With over 22 years of experience in the workforce development industry, our extensive database of 450,000+ profiles facilitated swift candidate acquisition. Our strategic collaborations with educational institutions and referrals from our alumni network - individuals we have previously trained and successfully placed in leading MNCs, expedited our candidate sourcing process. Additionally, our in-house team of Talent Acquisition Associates diligently sourced candidates with relevant skills from job-seeking platforms like Monster, LinkedIn, Naukri, and Indeed.

Customized Screening and Training through AI-Powered LMS

Tandem Corporate Training

After successfully sourcing the profiles, we utilized our AI-Powered Learning Management System (LMS), which has the capability to evaluate up to 15,000 profiles simultaneously to shortlist the candidates. These shortlisted candidates then underwent a rigorous three-tiered assessment, including HR screening, an AMCAT assessment, and an Operational round with the client. After the evaluation, we engaged a Subject Matter Expert (SME) to lead training sessions for our candidates in Google Ads. Subsequently, we smoothly integrated our tailor-made LMS tool to enhance the training phase, providing both us and the client with the ability to track progress, monitor attendance, and administer assessments.

From Evaluation to Excellence: Facilitating a Smooth Transition

From pre-training interviews to post-training evaluations our team excels at facilitating smooth communication and collaboration between clients and candidates at each step. This streamlined process guaranteed a successful transition into the training phase, ultimately leading to candidates' successful participation in the Google Ads final client BU evaluation and ensuring a smooth onboarding experience.

Beyond Endings: Reflections on the Journey

Mazenet's remarkable achievement in efficiently recruiting 25 process executives for Google Ads training within a mere 7-day timeframe exemplifies our steadfast dedication to providing high-quality talent solutions, even when faced with the most demanding circumstances. This brings our total number of successfully onboarded candidates for our client to 120 till date. Not only did this achievement meet our client's immediate needs, but it also solidified our standing as a leading workforce provider in the IT industry.