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Mazenet's Recruitment Feat: Teaming Up with
Fortune 500 IT Firm to Fill 12 Critical IT Roles in 2 weeks


Our client, a prestigious Fortune 500 IT company with a global presence, encountered a challenge. They required an accelerated recruitment process for 12 exceptionally specialized positions crucial to their TDM, Sailpoint, and TOSCA projects. The challenge was to complete this recruitment within a tight two-week timeframe. These positions were spread across four different locations: Chennai, Bangalore, Pune, and Hyderabad. Further intensifying the urgency was the fact that the skill set required for these roles was unconventional and not easily found in the traditional job market.


Talent Mapping - Internal Database Assessment

We conducted a comprehensive search within our extensive talent database, which boasts over 450,000 profiles and receives monthly updates with 5,000 new profiles. Our goal was to identify potential candidates possessing the requisite skills and experience in TDM, Sailpoint, and TOSCA. In this process, we successfully shortlisted 45% of required candidates from our existing database, comprising both active job seekers and passive candidates open to exploring new opportunities.

Additionally, we actively scouted potential candidates in the broader job market by utilizing various job portals, including Monster, LinkedIn, Naukri, and Indeed to fill 55% of the positions.

Customized Screening with AI-Powered LMS

Tandem Corporate Training

Our AI-driven Learning Management System (LMS) can efficiently review 15,000 profiles at once, leading to a notable increase in speed of our screening process. Our objective was dual in nature: to ascertain that candidates possessed the necessary skills and comprehended the job's requirements, while also evaluating their alignment with our client's organizational culture. This all-encompassing screening approach aimed to identify candidates who not only met the technical qualifications but also promised to contribute to a productive and harmonious work environment, ultimately enhancing our client's long-term success.

Interview Coordination and Express Handling: Meeting Urgent Needs

"Our comprehensive approach led to a significant increase in the hiring of well-qualified candidates. We maintained unwavering commitment to our corporate partner, providing continuous support from the initial interviews to the successful placement of candidates in their desired roles. We recognized the critical importance of the client's needs and promptly allocated the necessary resources to meet their specified Turnaround Time (TAT) requirements.

Our primary objective was to efficiently fill positions within a two-week timeframe, a goal we achieved ahead of the TAT. To ensure a smooth and efficient process, a dedicated Point of Contact (POC) coordinated daily with the client, while 5 recruiters maintained constant communication with candidates throughout the interview process.

Within a record time, we accomplished what others might consider a daunting task. Our support extended to addressing any issues or questions that arose during the new employees' early days on the job. This hands-on approach fostered stronger relationships between the client and the placed candidates.


For over two decades, Mazenet has consistently led the way in the IT industry, serving the requirements of both multinational corporations and mid-sized enterprises. Our distinctive strategy integrates advanced staffing solutions with inventive train-and-hire strategies, accompanied by thorough corporate training programs. At the heart of our mission is the commitment to deliver nothing less than top-class candidates, ensuring our clients organizations are enriched with the best talent. At Mazenet, excellence isn't merely a choice, and it's the benchmark we steadfastly maintain, empowering our partners to thrive in the dynamic world of technology.

This success story exemplifies our dedication to delivering exceptional talent solutions, even in the most challenging circumstances, which lead to our acquisition of two additional projects from the client.