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Typically, we maintain a 4-hour Turnaround Time (TAT). However, the timeline for talent search may vary based on the seniority and specialization of your hiring needs. Once we comprehend your talent requirements and formalize a service agreement, our specialized recruitment team initiates swift sourcing and screening of qualified profiles tailored to your preferences.

Our approach involves seamlessly integrating the right talent, providing comprehensive training, and deploying them in accordance with the client's specific demands. In this process, candidates will be under the payroll of Mazenet, actively contributing to client projects.

Yes, we leverage a specialized AI-integrated Learning Management System (LMS) tool to evaluate candidates.

Mazenet specializes in a comprehensive array of IT technologies, encompassing programming, Security, databases, cloud solutions, business productivity tools, mobility solutions, and more, with a strong focus on niche skills.

Our services span beyond geographical boundaries. We cater to PAN India locations as well as overseas clientele.

Absolutely. Specializing in Hire, Train & Deploy, we efficiently train candidates in requisite skills and deploy them on projects within specified timelines, even for niche requirements.

Our dedicated and end-to-end payroll service guarantees timely and precise payment for your contracted staff. The process is fully customizable to align with your business requirements.

At Mazenet, we hire for roles across a wide range of industries including IT & software development, Engineering, data science, and more

Visit our Job Requirements page , where you'll find a list of current openings. Click on the positions that interest you to view the job details and submit your application.

The duration of a contract period is flexible and depends upon the unique demands of each project and client. On average, contract periods usually span around 1 year.

As strategic partners with various multinational corporations, we leverage our network to assist our candidates in securing placements on similar projects after the completion of their contract period.

The handling of such situations depends on the norms set by the client. We strive to work closely with both our candidates and clients to find the best possible solutions in such cases.

Yes, contract employees at Mazenet are treated as valued members of our team. You'll have access to a range of benefits, including insurance and provident funds, similar to permanent employees.

Certainly. Depending on specific client requirements, certain positions offer the flexibility to work in a hybrid mode (a combination of office and remote work) or fully remote.

Certainly. The Hire, Train, and Deploy model is designed to meet specific client demands. Candidates are chosen based on project requirements, providing an opportunity for both freshers and experienced (lateral) candidates to be a part of the Hire, Train & Deploy approach.

Visit our Job Seekers page, where you can browse through available positions and apply for the ones that align with your skills and career goals. For personalized assistance, feel free to get in touch with our experts at 9363475145.