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The Train and Hire model provides the unique advantage of having Day 1 billable resources, ensuring that candidates are job-ready from the moment they start, thus optimizing productivity and ROI.

Mazenet’s Train and Hire Model differentiates itself through tailored training programs designed to cultivate industry-specific skills, ultimately enhancing candidates’ employability and ensuring a seamless fit within the industry. Additionally, our specialized hiring process guarantees clients access to Day 1 billable resources.

The training duration is determined based on the required skill sets, ensuring that candidates receive comprehensive preparation.

Candidates undergo evaluation based on the specific criteria set by the client. Additionally, candidates are subject to Mazenet’s evaluation tests, ensuring a well-rounded assessment.

Absolutely, each program is fully customizable to align precisely with the unique needs and preferences of our clients.

Upon the issuance of a Letter of Intent (LOI) from the client to the candidate, training will be provided. Subsequently, the placement outcome will be determined by the candidate's performance.

The Train & Hire facility is designed in accordance with specific client requirements, resulting in varying skill set demands over time. Candidates can visit the website to explore available training opportunities and apply accordingly.

If selected through the Train & Hire program, you will be working full-time with the client organization. This offers candidates a direct opportunity to contribute to and be a part of the client's workforce.

A second chance will be given. If a candidate fails in both attempts, He/She will be provided with other MNC options.

The onboarding process will be completed within 3 weeks after the training program.

Job location depends upon the company's project and can be changed after a year if required.