Advantages of Train and Hire
Model For IT Companies

The Advantages of the Train and Hire Model:
A Game Changer for IT Companies

According to a LinkedIn survey, 76% of hiring managers said attracting the right candidates is their biggest challenge. The Train and Hire model from Mazenet addresses this challenge by not only sourcing candidates efficiently but also equipping them with the necessary skills to become project-fit, aligning with specific project requirements.

Mazenet's approach to Train and Hire is distinguished by its ability to provide Day 1 billable resources. This is achieved through a meticulous process of identifying suitable candidates from a vast pool of profiles and then training them to meet the precise needs of clients. The model is designed to be both cost and time-efficient, bypassing the traditional, lengthy hiring processes and directly offering trained, project-ready candidates.

A significant advantage of partnering with Mazenet is the access to a rich database of over 4.5 lakh profiles and connections with more than 230 institutes, honed over 23 years. This, combined with AI-powered recruitment technology, allows for the screening of thousands of profiles swiftly, significantly reducing hiring costs and time. Moreover, the training provided to entry-level candidates prepares them to be as competent as experienced professionals, with the added benefit of lower initial compensation expectations, leading to long-term savings for companies.

Quality and project readiness are other critical benefits. Skill assessments are designed by subject matter experts (SMEs) and tailored to match client requirements closely, ensuring that only the most skilled candidates proceed. Additionally, behavioral training prepares candidates to seamlessly integrate into the client's work culture. This comprehensive training reduces the likelihood of dropouts and ensures candidates are well-versed in both the technological and cultural aspects of their future roles.

In summary, Mazenet's Train and Hire model offers a strategic solution for companies seeking cost-effective, high-quality talent acquisition, ensuring candidates are not just hired but are truly project-ready, creating a win-win scenario for both employers and job seekers in the tech industry.