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With more than two decades of experience in the workforce development industry, we can tackle and navigate through all the challenges in the IT recruitment industry easily. Our data-driven approach combined with an expert team makes hiring for all IT roles an easy cakewalk.

  • 23+ years of industry experience
  • Expert team of talent acquisition specialists
  • AI-powered profile screening tool's
  • 4.5L active Database which reduces the sourcing time of 40%
  • Interview Panel to quicken the selection process.
  • Impressive conversion ratio of 3:1
  • GEO Stationed resources
  • End to End recruitment process management
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"We had approached Mazenet with 20+ open positions for SAP & Cyber Security domains to fill roles in the specific regions like Coimbatore, Hyderabad & Pune. They have really done a brilliant job by putting the most experienced resources in the task along with an AI system to close the positions within TAT. The impressive point is the hiring ratio they are maintaining (3:1). Highly recommended Mazenet for any bulk hiring or hiring for advanced skills. "
"We reached out to Mazenet with an urgent requirement for TDM, a niche skill for which finding the right candidate is challenging. But to our surprise, within just 3 days, they identified a highly qualified Indian candidate residing in the UK and promptly shared their profile with us. They even pitched in the onboarding process and the candidate was deployed into the project. We had a remarkable hiring experience with Mazenet whose team expedited the process efficiently with AI tools. "

"We had a great experience with Mazenet while hiring a Senior Data Scientist and Python Fullstack Developer. Mazenet delivered accurate and high-quality profiles within just 2 days. The interview process was smooth and completed in a week. Good job to the team."

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Mazenet Milestone Moments

Mazenet Milestone Moments


A leading MNC wanted to onboard 7 SAP Logistics and SAP Ariba Spend Analysis consultants. They wanted each resource to have over 8 years

25 Google Ads Executives in 7 Days

Google Ads Recruitment


A leading Fortune 500 IT multinational corporation entrusted us with a formidable task: recruiting 25 Google Ads Process Executives

Big Data Technology

Big Data Technology


A leading Fortune 500 IT MNC was on the lookout for readily deployable resources in Big data technology. Since it was a niche market, the company