Why Successful Companies Choose
Contract Staffing for Talent Onboarding

From Vision to Reality: Contract Staffing's Impact on Business Goals

The IT field is no stranger to the ebb and flow of the employment market. Over the past four years, we’ve witnessed a rollercoaster ride of economic highs and lows. The Covid pandemic in March 2020 brought hiring activities to a sudden halt. However, from mid to late 2020, and throughout 2021 and 2022, there was a significant surge in demand for full-time IT professionals across various sectors. Fast forward to 2023, and many organizations found themselves implementing layoffs due to an excess of hires made in the preceding years.

Despite these fluctuations, one thing remains constant - the need for skilled workforce for business to succeed. However, many companies hesitate to expand and revamp their workforce. So, how can businesses maintain competitiveness and prevent burnout among existing employees? The answer lies in contract resources.

10 reasons Why You Should Consider Contract Staffing in 2024:


  • Cost and Time Savings:
    Reduces long-term financial commitments and overhead associated with permanent hires. As companies only pay for the services and hours worked by the contract employees, it brings substantial savings for the company.
  • Flexibility:
    Companies can adjust their workforce by scaling the teams up or down based on project requirements. Onboard employees when the deliverable tide is high without burdening the existing employees and freeing up the resources when the work flow is normal.
  • Access to Expertise Swiftly:
    Contract staffing provider's profile pool usually stays updated that helps organizations find the expert talent in less turnaround time.
  • Risk Mitigation:
    With contract staffing, organizations do not have to bear the burden of administrative tasks like payroll, promotions, perks and benefits, and compliance.
  • Speed of Hiring:
    Contract staffing firms have pre-vetted pools and use AI recruitment tools which results in quicker hiring processes and discovery of the project-fit candidates quicker.
  • Seamless Onboarding:
    When organizations outsource recruitment to staffing agencies, they take care of all the steps of the interview process from profile discovery to employee onboarding comprehensively.
  • Project-Specific Hiring:
    Companies can recruit individuals with skills tailored to specific projects, enhancing overall productivity and output quality. Firms like us have in-house training to deliver Day 1 billable resources for our clients.
  • Reduced Legal Obligations:
    Contractual work often carries fewer legal burdens as factors like employee benefits and layoffs are carried out by the third-party staffing firm.
  • Innovation Influx:
    Introducing short-term specialists can foster innovation, bringing in new perspectives and ideas to foster project success.

With over 23 years of extensive experience, Mazenet boasts a substantial repository exceeding 450,000 profiles encompassing diverse IT skills across all proficiency levels. Leveraging our AI-driven recruitment tool, we efficiently screen thousands of profiles concurrently, enabling us to identify suitable candidates within a remarkable turnaround time of as little as 4 hours. Supported by a team of Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), we conduct comprehensive assessments to ensure candidates align seamlessly with project requirements. This facilitates the swift closure of open positions within a week.
To collaborate with us for your upcoming recruitments, mail us at info@mazenetsolution.com