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Condensed 12-hour DataStage
Training With Labs Service


Preludesys, a leading IT solutions provider, approached Mazenet with an urgent requirement of DataStage training for their employees. The challenge was twofold: they needed a skilled trainer and a lab environment to support their team members, each having 20 years of experience on average. Moreover, the client mandated that the training be scheduled over a single weekend, with a condensed 12-hour FastTrack mode to cover an extensive 30 hours of Training of Content (TOC).


In response to Preludesys' urgent request, Mazenet acted swiftly. With an extensive pool of expert trainers, Mazenet identified and provided a trainer with the right profile to meet the client's requirements. Understanding the time constraints, Mazenet efficiently structured the training program to cover the extensive 30-hour TOC within the condensed 12-hour FastTrack mode. This approach ensured that the accelerated schedule did not compromise the depth and quality of the content.


Despite the challenges posed by the tight schedule, Mazenet successfully delivered the accelerated DataStage training. The training program included hands-on lab sessions, allowing participants to gain practical experience in addition to theoretical knowledge. The team members, with an average of 20+ years of experience, benefited significantly from the expertise of the trainer and the interactive lab sessions.