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Successful Alicloud Training with Lab
Despite Alicloud Policy Change


One of the prominent MNCs in India presented Mazenet with an immediate requirement of AliCloud Training for their employees with hands-on lab sessions for their employees with an average of 10+ years of experience. While the requirement seemed like a breeze initially given the rich experience Mazenet has in the corporate training industry, a huge challenge emerged during the AliCloud service activation due to unexpected policy changes. This resulted in a mandatory two business day waiting period for activating any new service.


In a prompt response to the clients’ urgent request, Mazenet meticulously matched a trainer from our pool of 1000+ SMEs with the precise profile needed to fulfill the client’s requirements for AliCloud training. To address the Service Activation challenge, the situation was communicated transparently to the client, explaining the recent changes in Alicloud policy and the need for rescheduling the training dates. Our team proactively obtained a list of required services to be activated from the trainer and coordinated with the vendor to ensure all services were activated within two business days. The activation was completed one day prior to the revised training date, with all services checked before going live. Thus, an advanced lab will all needed AliCloud services up and running was also set for the client. The server usage was monitored and daily shutdowns were implemented for effective cost management.


Despite the Alicloud Service Activation Policy change, Mazenet successfully delivered AliCloud training promptly on the revised dates to all the participants.