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Comprehensive Python Programming Training For Freshers To Become A Pro in Python

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  • The Python course aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of Python programming, from foundational concepts to advanced application development. Participants will learn fundamental programming principles, object-oriented programming, and DevOps practices. Through hands-on exercises, they'll master Python syntax, virtual environments, and popular IDEs like Jupyter Notebook and Google Colab.

  • The course emphasizes strong logic and problem-solving skills with decision-making structures and looping constructs. Additionally, learners will explore advanced topics such as numeric and string processing, exception handling, and web development frameworks like Flask and Django. The ultimate goal is to enable participants to design, develop, and deploy full-stack web applications efficiently.

Course Outcome

Grasp fundamental programming concepts, including data types, variables, and control flow, along with an introduction to object-oriented programming.
Acquire knowledge of the Application Development Life Cycle (ADLC) and its importance in software development projects. Gain proficiency in Python syntax, working with virtual environments, and utilizing popular IDEs like Jupyter Notebook and Google Colab.
Understand Python tokens such as keywords, variables, constants, and operators for effective code construction. Master decision-making structures, looping constructs, and implement PyTest for continuous testing to ensure code reliability.
Explore numeric and string processing functions, including handling date/time data, lists, tuples, dictionaries, and sets. Learn to implement various functions, modules, and libraries, including user-defined, lambda, and recursive functions, along with file input/output operations.
Delve into advanced topics such as exception handling, regular expressions (Regex), CGI scripting, and web development frameworks like Flask and Django Design, develop, and deploy a full-stack web application.

Why Mazenet?

  • Expert Faculty

    Our Faculty comprises of 300+ SMEs with many years of experience. All our trainers possess a minimum of 8+ years of experience.

  • Proven Track Record

    We have served over 200+ global corporate clients, consistently maintaining a 99% success rate in meeting training objectives for 300+ technologies with quick turnaround time.

  • Blended Learning

    We provide course content over any platform that our clients prefer. You can choose an exclusive platform or a combination of ILT, VILT, and DLP.

  • Learning Paths

    The learning paths are very defined with clear benchmarks. Quantitative assessments at regular intervals measure the success of the learning program.

  • Case Study

    We have amassed over 10,000 case studies to support training delivery. Candidates will be trained to work on any real-time business vertical immediately after the training.

  • 24*7 Global Availability

    We are equipped to conduct training on any day, date or time. We have delivered training pan India, Singapore, North America, Hong Kong, Egypt and Australia.

Delivery Highlights

  • Customized Training Modules

    Training programs are highly flexible with module customizations to suit the requirements of the business units.

  • Certification

    The training can be supplemented with appropriate certifications that are recognized across the industry.

  • Multi-language Support

    Course content can be delivered in English, Spanish, Japanese, Korean or any other language upon request.

  • Personalized Training Reports

    Candidates are assessed individually at regular intervals and are provided unique learning suggestions to suit their learning calibre.

  • Industry-Oriented Training

    Industry-oriented training, completing which, candidates can be immediately deployed for billable projects.

  • Diverse Training Platforms

    Choose from Instructor-Led Training, Virtual Instructor-Led Training, Digital Learning Platform and Blended Training platforms

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Course Preview

  • Concepts of programming, programming languages, generations, types, OOPS, DevOps, Scrum, Git
  • Concepts of Application Development Life Cycle (ADLC)
  • Concepts of Python, Virtual Environment, Features, Basic Syntax,IDE, Google Collab, Jupyter Notebook

  • Concepts Of Keywords, Variables, Constants, Dat Types, Operators

  • Concepts of Decision Making, Branching, Loops, iterations, Switching
  • Concepts of if, then, else
  • Concepts of While, For, Do while loops
  • Implementing PyTest for Continuous Testing

  • Concepts of functions, Modules, Library, Package, Framework
  • Implementing Numeric Functions and numeric data structures

  • Concepts of string processing
  • Implementing String Functions

  • Concepts of Time Series, Historical Data, Bi-directional Chronological Data
  • Implementing Date/Time Functions

  • Concepts of Data processing, List and Tuple processing
  • Implementing List and Tuple processing

  • Concepts of No SQL Data processing, Dictionary and Set processing
  • Implementing Dictionary and Set processing

  • Concepts of functions, Modules and library
  • Implementing inbuilt functions, user defined functions, library functions, lambda and recursive functions

  • Concepts of monitoring, tracing, testing, identification, logging, messaging, debugging, report generation
  • Implementing Exception Handling and OOPS

  • Concepts of Regex, CGI, REST, Client, Server, Multiprocessing, Parallel Processing, Disributed processing
  • Implementing Regex, CGI, Multiprocessing, Parallel Processing

  • WSGI, JInga2, Micro Framework for Web Server, Web application, FlaskCGI
  • Routing, Logging, Testing, Templates, Sessions,Messaging, Error Handling
  • Implementing database CRUD operations in SQLite, Mail, WTF

  • Concepts of API, MVC, MVT, Django
  • Implementing Django
  • Concepts of App architecture and development
  • Implementing Django
  • Concepts of Models, Views, URL's, Admin
  • Implementing Django

  • Design, development, and deployment of Full Stack Web application in Python