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Mazenet's Agile Multi-Technology
Training for a Leading FinTech Company


Facing a critical need for rapid onboarding, our esteemed client sought an agile training solution to swiftly empower new hires with proficiency in multiple advanced technologies. The training needed to be comprehensive enough to cover significant ground in ReactJS, NodeJS, AngularJS, and Quality Assurance (QA) within a 20-day timeframe. The primary challenges were:
  • Balancing Depth and Breadth:
    The curriculum needed to provide a solid foundation across four distinct technologies.
  • Ensuring High-Quality Training:
    Delivering effective training in a short period requires innovative methods to maximize knowledge retention and skill development.
  • Project Readiness:
    Equipping new hires to confidently apply their newly acquired skills to real-world projects after training.


As a leading corporate training provider, Mazenet devised a rigorous, multi-technology training curriculum tailored to the specific needs of the best FinTech company.

Focused Curriculum Design

We meticulously crafted a curriculum that ensured targeted focus on each technology while keeping within the 20-day constraint. The training hours were strategically allocated as follows:

  • ReactJS: 60 hours (3 hours/day)
  • NodeJS: 40 hours (2 hours/day)
  • AngularJS: 30 hours (1.5 hours/day)
  • Quality Assurance (QA): 30 hours (1.5 hours/day)

This breakdown ensured comprehensive coverage of each technology, allowing trainees to gain a solid foundation for immediate application.


The structured curriculum and intensive training program proved successful. Within the 20-day timeframe, new hires at the top FinTech company made significant progress:
Skill Acquisition
  • Participants achieved a thorough understanding and practical proficiency in critical web development technologies - ReactJS, NodeJS, AngularJS.
  • Additionally, they mastered essential Quality Assurance (QA) practices, ensuring well-rounded project readiness.
Project Readiness
  • The newly hired workforce demonstrated their ability to seamlessly transition to real-world projects.
  • By effectively applying their newly acquired skills, they were able to make significant contributions and add value to their respective teams.
Client Satisfaction
  • Mazenet's customized training program ensured the new hires possessed the necessary skillset to tackle real-world challenges, exceeding the client's expectations.
  • This highlights Mazenet's commitment to providing bespoke training solutions that directly address client needs and empower workforces for success.