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Advanced Application Security Training For
200 Candidates Across Time Zones


A leading German multinational STEM organization needed an agile application security training solution for developers to understand web application vulnerabilities, including OWASP's Top 10 vulnerabilities and code review guidelines. Mazenet was assigned the responsibility to enhance the training experience with practical, hands-on activities. The goal was to efficiently engage 200 participants across approximately 12 groups, catering to various time zones, including India, Europe, China, Indonesia, and the USA. This initiative aimed at delivering the training sessions within the shortest time frame possible.


With our vast pool of trainer profiles, we swiftly identified and deployed six international trainers with 10+ years of expertise to meet the time zones of different candidates. A dedicated training need analyst was mapped to track learner engagement and constantly monitor the complete session and the progress of goals. Mazenet’s built-in tracking ability enabled customized content progress and attendance reports on a daily basis for all the batches to track learner engagement and progress towards mastery goals.


The training enabled professionals to handle OWASP's Top 10 vulnerabilities and the SAST and DAST processes effectively. Candidates learned to identify, mitigate, and prevent vulnerabilities in their applications.