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Customized AUTOSAR training for your workforce

Empowering the organization with customized AUTOSAR training

The global automotive software market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 13.1%, from USD 21.7 billion to USD 40.1 billion in the next 5 years. Compliance with fuel efficiency standards, comfort, convenience, and the need to reduce vehicle downtime will drive the market for automotive software. (Source)

AUTOSAR addresses many challenges, such as the increasing complexity of software and the resulting need for collaboration between different teams or even companies. It additionally helps to address several ISO 26262 objectives for software architectural design. (Source)

Mazenet worked towards establishing a customized Autosar cross-skill training program for a leading multinational company. This tailor-made Autosar training program was designed to meet the organization's requirements and enhance their professionals' capability to meet Autosar skills.


Our leading US-based Fortune 500 IT MNC client, with more than 100,000 employees across 30 countries, identified a few professionals from their project team to undergo cross-skill training to enhance their skills in CAN Protocol, the Application area of CANoe, Advanced CANoe Options, and In-Depth Hands-On CAPL Programming for modeling and simulation as they had to take on upcoming automotive projects.

Autosar Corporate Training


Mazenet had to deploy an expert trainer with real-time hands-on practice in the AUTOSAR tool with the license at a fixed time frame because the organization wanted their employees to practice in a real-time AUTOSAR environment and be project ready after the training program.

End-to-end holistic approach

With our expertise of 22 years in the industry, we quickly deployed a subject matter expert with the AUTOSAR tool license. An in-house talent management team was deployed for smooth tracking and monitoring of hands-on learning abilities and to ensure the proficiency of the candidates.

Mazenet’s built-in tracking ability enables customized content progress, job readiness, and attendance reports on a daily basis to track learner engagement and progress towards mastery goals.

Autosar Training Online


Mazenet worked closely with the enterprise to combat the challenge of cross-skilling the professionals in AUTOSAR. In addition to getting candidates to outperform with their enhanced AUTOSAR skills to meet enterprise needs, we successfully got them deployed to the project with exposure to a real-time AUTOSAR environment.