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Mazenet Elevates The Tandem/Base24
Tech Skills Of a Team For Project Fitness


A leading multinational company with over 100,000 employees across various countries identified a critical need for its professionals to enhance their skills in the Tandem/Base24 platform. The client wanted was very specific about the curriculum they wanted to be covered in the training - Macro writing and automation, Spooler Handling, Compilation of COBOL85 Programs, Compilation of SCOBOL Programs, Base24 Configurations, XPNET Node, and TANDEM & BASE24 terminology. At the end of the training, they wanted the attendees to be capable of handling projects effectively.


With over two decades of experience, Mazenet quickly responded to this challenge by deploying an expert in the Tandem/Base24 real-time environment. The training modules were designed after closely working with the client and the training was designed to be hands-on. We set up a cutting-edge lab environment that was tailored for the client’s unique needs. The lab could handle COBOL and SCOBOL programs, creating and executing Obey files. This approach ensured that the training was not only theoretical but also practical, allowing participants to gain real-world experience in handling the Tandem/Base24 system architecture. In addition, an in-house talent management team was deployed for smooth tracking and monitoring of the participants' learning progress.


By the end of the program, the employees were well-equipped to work effectively in a Tandem/Base24 environment, thereby meeting the organization's initial objectives and enhancing the overall skill set of their workforce in handling the Tandem/Base24 platform.