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Tandem and Base24 Corporate Training

Enhancing the Tandem/Base24 classic platform with Mazenet’s Tandem/Base24 training

Mazenet has a long history of working closely with various departments in large multinational companies. In this particular instance, Mazenet teamed up with the L&D team to provide a Tandem/Base24 upskilling training program. This program was designed to the company's specifications and employees' professional skill sets to better handle the Tandem/Base24 system architecture.


One of our leading multinational clients, with more than 100,000 employees across multiple countries, wanted their professionals to undergo Tandem/Base24 training to gain complete knowledge on Macro writing and automation, Spooler Handling, Compilation of COBOL85 Programs, Compilation of SCOBOL Programs, Base24 Configurations, XPNET Node and TANDEM & BASE24 terminology.

Tandem Corporate Training


The organization wanted its employees to be able to work in a Tandem/Base24 environment and be able to handle projects by the end of the training program. Mazenet had to set up the Tandem/Base24 lab environment for more than 90 participants in 3 batches immediately and complete the batch within 14 days. This included compiling COBOL85 programs, SCOBOL programs, handling the spooler, and debugging batch programs.

Start-to-end holistic approach

Mazenet rapidly deployed an expert with over two decades of experience in the Tandem/Base24 real-time environment. Our industry expertise set up the cutting-edge lab with compatibility to handle COBOL programs, SCOBOL programs, Creating and executing Obey files.

An in-house talent management team was deployed for smooth tracking and monitoring of hands-on learning to ensure the proficiency of the candidates.

In addition to allowing learners to keep track of learning progress over time, Mazenet also provides job readiness and attendance reports that can be customized daily to ensure that learners are engaged and progressing towards mastery.

Tandem Training


Mazenet's customized training program gave professionals the opportunity to learn more about Tandem/Base24 with hands-on practice. By the end of the program, all participants had gained knowledge and experience in handling COBOL programs, SCOBOL programs, creating & executing Obey files, Base24 Configurations, Handling Spooler, and Debug the batch programs.


Mazenet's Tandem & Base 24 Corporate Training is the perfect way for your workforce to upgrade their skills in Tandem & Base 24. With Mazenet, your employees can get started today and excel in the field of Tandem & Base 24.


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